Carla Lee Morrow, also known as the AcrylicDragon, decided to do fantasy art when she was very young. She enjoyed playing fantasy games with her friends. Carla would draw the fantasy animals of dragons or unicorns for each friend. The drawings were pinned on their walls until they carried them to their games.
Carla’s interest was furthered with the annual participation of the Society of Anachronisms and their performances at The Renaissance craft fair of Las Cruces, NM. She remained interested in the fantasy world and her started selling her artwork.
“The power to create an image that only exists in my mind is a powerful experience for me,” said Carla. I can’t describe the feeling of having a sudden vision, uniquely my own and then being able to pour that vision on to paper so I can share it with others.”
Carla has studied drawing and painting techniquesfrom Kathy Morrow. Carla has learned how to see the world though an artists eyes and has learned how to share her artist’s eyes with the world.
Her 18 years of drawing Fantasy are has led herto explore comic book and erotica style of art. Current projectsinclude a graphic novel and new artwork using prismacolor markers and colored pencils.

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