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I won their contest three times in a row, but now can not find that award. THANKS to all who voted for me!

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“Acrylic Dragon’s Fantasy Art by Carla Lee Brawley, contains fantasy artwork made in pencil, acrylic, fabric, and clay. The colors are bright and the images sometimes are very realistic and sometimes some deeper lines of thoughts accompany the artwork. See for instance “Sadness Eternal” and the “Hades Messenger” with its very impressive wings and scales in the Fantasy Art Gallery. While you are there peek at the Tiny Take-off too, it is so cute and those two indeed must know that they are alive.
The artist also makes sculptures and the Male Wedding Pair in the Sculpture Gallery is one of my favorites.
Realistic drawings can be found in the Sketch Book Gallery, see for instance the “Chief Study” and have a look at the “Dragon Study” in that Gallery.
Comic work can be found in the Comic Style Gallery (have a look at the “Firefly” while you are there, it is cute and funny) and heavier work can be found in the Heaven and Hell Gallery. The face of the “Death Bringer” leaves you with no questions.”

-Silver Dragon Breath


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Fantasy Art Photo Gallery –
A free online photo gallery where fantasy artists can display photos of their art. Create your own personalized online portfolio gallery to display photos of your artwork.

Art Gallery Worldwide : Artwork in different styles and media. Website offers a wide variety of
features and services that enable customers and artists to buy and sell art.

Niagara Art: Fantasy Art Gallery Niagara Art Collection is a Canadian fine art gallery focuses on contemporary painting.

Great work, and a nice person!

A group of dragon lovers, just like all here. (There link didnt work last time, but I thought I’d add it anyway, if ti still dosent work at the next update ill remove it.)

Another Artist starting out, as well as a fellow Dragon lover, take a look!

One of the Best Dragon sites I found

A fantasy art group I joined.

This is where my great counters came from

Free dragons for you computer

Beautiful Dragon Sculptures, and a Great Person

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